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The Youth of the nation are the most important asset but still there is a huge issue in this segment. The same boils down to 2 major aspects – Policies and Mentoring. Empower Foundation has been involved in both the aspects as under :

Policy Making :

Empower Foundation has been instrumental in contributing to the Policy Making for Youth (National Youth Policy 2011) by sharing important recommendations based the citizen feedback for creation of the National Youth Policy (2011) to Department of Youth Affairs, Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of India and Government of Maharashtra.

Youth Mentoring :

We strongly believe that if a youth has a mentor or advisor to guide him or her at an early stage, it can really make a huge difference to one’s life – it immensely helps in identifying ones strengths and weaknesses, helping choosing the right education, vocation or profession.

Through our Chapter – YOUTH MENTORS FORUM, we have been engaging with the Youth to guide, groom and hand hold them and act as a mentor by connecting them to the right person with relevant experience. Eg. if we see a youth who seems to interested in Medicine, we associate him with a Young Doctor who can guide and mentor him through the whole process right from entrance exams to specializations one can choose. If one has keenness to pursue Food Photography as a niche career, we guide the youth with skill-set requirement, skill-set developing and enhancing tools and also associate him with a practicing photographer who could further mentor and guide and also help the incumbent with opportunities. There are so many youth who are confused about choosing the right education or career and we strongly feel that everyone needs a Mentor and it can help in a big way – If you walk down the History, even the Mighty Arjuna had to find a Mentor in Lord Krishna to guide him.

The NGO and its core team members have participated / participate in various Youth Skill development initiatives and career advisory forums / seminars to help the Youth of India in their endeavor

Any youth who wants to seek mentoring may write to

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If you have need any guidance or know of someone who needs guidance or help of expert mentors, you can also get in touch with us by filling this form and sharing the details 

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