Core Team

This is a space which has no entry barriers, as any individual passionate and keen enough to join in an add value to the society on core areas is always welcome :

Below is a brief snapshot of our Core team :

Jalpesh Mehta – is a Management professional having avid interest in wildlife and social change. Based in Mumbai, Jalpesh has his roots back in Kolkata, where he also served as the General Secretary of St. Xaviers College Students Union which acted as the seed for the formation of this NGO, Empower Foundation.

Nupur Kothari – A designer by profession but a wildlife lover at heart, trying to bring in the creativity in wildlife conservation and tribal upliftment by promoting Tribal Arts and Artisans, Nupur looks into research and allied areas for the foundation.

Mitesh Panchal – A fitness expert from Mumbai having passion for Tigers and Leopards, Mitesh is known for his knowledge of wildlife. Representing the NGO for Census programmes and Rescue operations, Mitesh has been closely tracking the Leopard movements around SGNP especially at Thane side.

Sheetal Mehta – An Artist and Visharad in Indian Folk dance, retaining and spreading the Indian culture in form of the folk and tribal art across the urban next-gen is Sheetal’s mission in life. Spends her alternate time in the Leopard sensitive areas of Mumbai to create co-existence and reduce man animal conflict !

Amit Kanugo - is a Engineer, an Aviation professional based out of Kolkata but found in lesser known forests around Nagpur in Central India. Also known as Baagha (Tiger in english), Amit has been involved in Tiger conservation at Sunderbans and promoting Art and Nature education.

Dev alias Black Pearl - is an IT Professional from Chandigarh and a Naturalist with phenomenal experience on forests in the Northern India. He is also a Wildlife photographer having taken some great unbelievable world class shots !

Mohammad Kathawala - is a techie based out of Baroda. Involved in environment conservation and youth rights issues, Lions have been an inspiration and passion since childhood.

Pranav Shah – is an Engineer from Pune and an Industrialist based out at Morbi, Gujarat Pranav has been instrumental in various youth upfitment activities primarily in Gujarat region, where he doesn’t need a googlemap !