Consumer Rights

Consumer is the King and will always be – if he is aware and proactive. The largest issue today is that the customer is not aware about product, services, his rights and moreover, if there is a breach of his rights, he is not proactive because of lack of awareness on the process of resolution and a pre-conceived notion of the same being a wastage of time resulting in nothing, thus setting a wrong precedence for all the consumers and the seller

In the endeavor to protect, support and increase awareness on Consumer Rights the NGO had in the past undertaken following initiatives and activities :

  1. The NGO successfully ran a social media drive in March 2017 around the ethos of Jago Grahak Jago mission and as laid by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, Govt. of India whereby the endeavor was to educate the citizen of the country about the Govt. order on : Restaurants and Hotels CAN NOT levy Service charges by widely spreading the government circular (J/24/9/2014/CPU-Pt) and clarification and also providing a dedicated online support for seeking views and engaging for advise and filing complaints right from the restaurants. The NGO had handled around 340 such queries it is estimated to have created awareness amongst more than a million consumers across India.
  2. The NGO was instrumental to have participated in submitting crucial objections and suggestions against the Notice Calling for suggestions, views, comments etc from stakeholders on the draft notification related to omission of provision from 2.10.6 (1) Beverages Non-Alcoholic – Carbonated, for declaration of added sugar. This probably has led to indirectly helping consumer to protect their health and rights.
  3. The NGO has run campaigns on FSSAI initiatives to create awareness in the consumers like creating awareness on the initiative of the food regulator #FSSAI panel clamping down on #Junkfood; batting for #fattax, strict labeling, ban on advertisements on children’s shows, to check the consumption of food products high on fat, sugar and salt content
  4. The NGO has been instrumental in participating in policy making exercise by filing views, suggestions and objections for various areas
  5. The NGO had also worked for guiding real estate consumers (pre RERA) in Mumbai to understand their rights and help them collaborate with relevant stakeholders to claim and get their rights.
  6. The NGO has also conducted workshops on RTI which is the fundamental consumer rights of the consumer.


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