About Us

Empower Foundation is a Mumbai, India based NGO run by young citizen, who believe in bringing some change in system and make things better.

Empower is a word which is self explanatory and a key catalyst to any change or betterment. There are innumerable examples in world where the mankind was empowered – either with knowledge, technology, skills, confidence, power, support or motivation and their world changed.

Empower stands for an Establishment Motivated to Protect & Promote Oppressed life’s Welfare, Economic Freedom & Rights

Registered with the Planning Commission of India and Bombay Trust Act, 1950,  Empower Foundation focuses on Key Areas like :

  1. Wildlife and Environment Conservation
  2. Tribal Upliftment
  3. Youth Development
  4. Cultural Restoration and Development.

(1) Wildlife and Environment Conservation 

Be it protecting the Wildlife like big cats of India covering Lions, Tigers and Leopards to forests, mangroves and environment at large, Team Empower has been involved deeply in this field through our Chapters like “The Wild India”, “Save our Lions”, “Save our Leopards” etc. (Pls see the respective Chapters for details)

(2) Tribal Upliftment

With Forests and Environments, comes the Tribals who are and were residents there. Marginalized due to lack of infrastructure and literacy they are the most vulnerable class and un noticed thanks to being a minority from a vote bank perspective. We have been involved in many tribal upliftment and rehabilitation activities also with the government and forest departments.

(3) Youth Development 

Youth of the nation, are the most important segment to bring in any change and we have been instrumental in various Youth development activities and also in contributing to the Policy Making for Youth by the Ministry of Youth Affairs, Government of India and Government of Maharashtra.

(4) Cultural Restoration and Development

We believe that the backbone of the society is the culture and we try contributing in our small ways to retain, restore and spread the culture or tradition of India in the form or art covering the tribal art and craft and folk dances of diverse regions of the country.

Areas like Social development, Underprivileged upliftment and Human Rights are also certain causes close to our hearts !